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Oh, blessed Spring I have been waiting for you it seems forever, Let me throw off this winter coat and put on my raincoat and galoshes; I love your blue skies and even rain showers that clean the earth, Delightful spring flowers are sprouting, the violets and tulips are lovely; Everything is awakening, baby birds are chirping and baby squirrels scampering. Oh, beautiful Summer, I have planted seeds in my rainbow garden, I have my sandals, sundresses in pretty colors and picnic basket ready; On forest hikes I will go, to the breezy beach and leisurely walks in the park, When days are sun-drenched hot, I will find a shade tree to rest and ponder; I love even your thunderstorms and showers that make the earth flourish and grow. Oh, Autumn I adore your changing foliage, the falling leaves and coolness, A crackling fireplace on a breezy fall evening, dreams of pumpkin pie; Halloween and all the kids, Thanksgiving turkey with stuffing and apple cider, After, we will rake the multi-colored leaves, crisp and tattered, the smell; Everything is turning, changing, soon animals and me will be hibernating in warmth. Oh, Winter my beloved, I love you the most of all, we are linked in spirit, I was born in a snowstorm, it was bitter cold, the day pure white with snow; Your brisk cold breath is so frosty, your delicate lacy snowflakes are a delight, Christmas trees and Christmas Day, snowmen and gingerbread men cheerful; Yes, I know you have a temper and can get quite gusty and nippy, and ice-kissed. ______________________________ April 4, 2016 Submitted to Strand Select Y sponsor, Brian Strand

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