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Lyrical onslaught

This is my lyrical onslaught
I can fill up a page of rhymes from just one thought
I pick up the pen and put it to the page, then begins a strong force
As I start my lyrical onslaught 

By the time this ends I'll have blood on my hands from making the pen bleed 
I'll go to war if it means gaining inner peace 
I remain true to myself no matter what's happening in the world around me
I've spent my life swimming with sharks and they couldn't drown me

I've got new scars on top of old wounds that are still bleeding 
I've battled suicidal thoughts but I'm still breathing 
Why would I fear another when I've already had a war with myself? 
Writing doesn't take away all of my pain, but it sure does help

I've been too busy battling depression to worry about how people attack my character 
Maybe I'll never reach my full potential like Ricardo Quaresma
Depression tried to destroy me, I had to take the time to rebuild me
I managed to kill the suicidal thoughts before they could kill me

This is my lyrical onslaught 
I filled up the page from just one thought 
I picked up a pen, put it to the paper and felt a strong force 
This was my lyrical onslaught 

Copyright © Alex Duffy