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As I sit here writing my next prose,
It has begun to snow,
Its beauty over shadows the end result.

I know that come tomorrow I will need
to shovel the driveway,
If I want to get out and about.

Then I start thinking about the 
warmer days of spring and summer. 

I really can't watch the grass as it grows,
but I know I will eventually need to cut it back,
weekly-seems like a big deal to me.

The leaves of autumn eventually end up on 
the ground and need to be raked and bagged,
several times a season if need be.

All of these things require a great deal of effort,
except for the winter snow, it is the one deal breaker.

If I so choose, I can just stay in, until it melts,
and just enjoy the beauty, in all its splendor.

Ok...who am I kidding, Kohls department store has a new summer clothing
line that comes out tomorrow, "honey, where's the snow blower?"

Copyright © Vjckie Thayer