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Chalk Board Thugs

Don't fear the blue man group
they're far less dangerous
than we are to ourselves..
do beware of rogue teachers
those wire rimmed
harmless looking 
blackboard preachers 
wielding pieces of chalk
like tomahawk missiles
turning classrooms into cancer cells 
teaching the innocent
that its all about 
color of skin and not character 
after all-
despite the truly oppressed
coming here by the millions
from every nook and cranny
on this troubled planet
children are being taught
that the USA is systemically 
inherently evil..
"teachers" along with the politically connected
are pushing socialist ideals and mayhem-

The press corp.{short for pressurizers}
is the devils sword
pitting us against one another
dividing by color,, turning up the pressure
highlighting the worst of mankind
turning up the pressure to further divide
playing heavily edited clips
turning up the pressure
over and over again..
for ratings
for revenue
for votes
turning up the pressure
way past the red zone
until the colors explode
into a death rainbow..
soulless pressurizers
dividers of souls-

Pay attention parents
demand body cams for teachers
mic up classrooms to armor the children
from those chalk hearted
scorpion tailed thugs
lift your hog noses from your cell phones
listen to your children-give them a hug-

Copyright © Anthony Biaanco