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These are the days my friend, 
that we thought would never come. 
They are beautiful beyond belief, 
and they are moving fast. 
The seconds fleet by, 
the minutes... are not slow. 
The hours escape detection, 
as I/we get lost in the moment(s)
that surface in the mirror... 
of all time. 

Come closer and look for yourself. 
There are visions to be seen in the reflection. 
The mountains are tall in the beginning 
and are worn down to hills in the end. 
The trees are twigs, that grow to be...
massive giants, 
as in the legends of old. 
They tell us...
that it is all not real. 
But it was all more than...
what they wanted us to see. 

Truth is blinding like the sun, 
and the shadows know
they must flee,
before the Light. 
Do not watch where they go, 
just let them leave. 
Embrace the life, 
the Lord has meant for you to live, 
and be more than you ever dreamed, 
you could be... 
simply by being
with Him.  

Copyright © Ann Foster