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Money, we all need it
Money, we all want it
The root of all evil
Many people will lie for it, die for it
Comes in blues and greens
Got faces of Kings and Queens and great people
When you get lots, it can even make you miserable 
You try so hard to obtain it
Nobody can explain it
Some people will even kill for it
Money, money, money, the root of all evil

Gold, silver, precious metals, power & glory
It is all a story
Jackanaory, even Jack, he went back, never had enough golden eggs
We’ve heard it all before 
He was poor but no more
Gold a plenty
Cars & ladies, what happened to my old matey?
Brothers, sisters, even Dads fall out over it
Stop talking for years about it
See families be destroyed by it 
Money, money, money, the root of all evil.

It’s no big deal, but it’s real if you haven’t got it 
Gold coin, silver coin, Bitcoin, Rolex’s, Cartier
Just want to live another day
Can’t eat, can’t drink, sometimes can’t even think
Money, money, money, the root of all evil

Where did it come from, why do we need it?
Could we ever do without it?
Money, money, money.

Diamonds & rubies big & small 
Destroying the earth
To find more & more
Some people hide it under their beds
Others get confused and lose their heads
Can even make you feel big, can make you feel strong
Can even make you right when you are wrong
Money, money, money.

It can buy you love; it can buy you happiness,
Fast cars, fast ladies
You can drive big Mercedes, Phantom’s, Ghosts, Lamborghinis,
Lost my true friends, the rest just need me
Money, money, money, the root of all evil

Big cigars cars, fast cars
What’s it all about?
Need to find out, need to get out 
Sell your soul to the devil
He can drive you mental, confuse you & make you think you are happy
But not in reality
Money, money, money.

Used to be so simple
Started with a tipple
Drink more, eat more, want more
The more you get the more you want
The more you want the more you get
Never ending circle 
Round and round we go
Money, money, money, the root of all evil.

Time to stop and look around
Who’s your mates? Are they still around?
Do they love me?
Is it real?
Are they waiting for an open door?
Money, money, money.

Sweaty faces going to sweaty places
All the trouble, all the strife
Sleep at nights; is it worth it?
Come with nothing, go with nothing, only in between what matters
Just like water running through your fingers
Money, money, money.

Now that I am older and seen friends come and go
Get thinking what happened time ago
Would I do the same again?
It’s an addiction, not a religion
What you’re meant to have will not pass you by
One door closes; others open
Seek and you shall find
Money for a peaceful mind.

© Michael White 2018

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