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Relationships VI

We all desire a relationship that will work out in our favour, a relationship that would keep us smiling even during the challenging days.  The problem comes in when it is time to build the foundation, especially if it is a one-sided effort. It is
To keep one interested in you, you should simply just pay attention to your partner. Do what makes both of you happy and contract less of the activities that bring second thoughts about you to your partner. Find out what it is your partner expects from you and if you can handle it, handle it well.
The only reason why you would want your partner to be interested in you is because you want it work out. Now, if you want it to work out, you just want it to work out. It is not really possible to satisfy your partner so he/she will keep that interest in you without giving the impression that you want it work out. Whether it is badly on not. If you make it seem like you are not worried about whether it works out or not, then your effort of keeping your partner interested in you is likely to go to waste and you are most likely to be the one that will give a wrong impression.
Here is some advice, be yourself, be true. There is no other way out. You cannot keep one interested in you without giving the impression that you want it to work out.

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