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Chelsea's Two Sins On Goal

Chelsea was supposed to be on top 
At the half time stop 
But it was M U 
That got one through 
One nil 
As everyone left their seats for a fill 

Hopefully it will change for pensioners in blue 
Since the score could not be true 
All Chelsea needed is one goal here and one goal there 
Nothing much to be scared 
Chelsea started to show their offenses 
In order that the public could win some pences 
It didn’t take long for one to go in 
But the Red Devil’s complained there was a sin 
Chelsea was playing too aggressive 
With the yellow card sent as a message 
A foul was called and created a stall 
They went to video review 
And the home crowd booed. 
No goal so cold 
A few minutes later Manchester United used their head 
Another goal enough said
Two nil and big blue were headed for a big spill 
Chelsea had no subs in the tank 
And MU surely were on their way to the bank 
With the hour getting late 
There was a glimmer of light on the Monday night date 
From The bird’s eye view the ball knew exactly what to do
But the video stepped in 
And said ‘offsides another Chelsea sin’ 
In this match that seemed stolen 
Since it was one that Chelsea should phone in 
Back home Manchester U will go 
Thinking about if this was just a nice stop in a football touring show 
Manchester won this fight 
Underneath Stamford bridge on this giving night. 
Hail to Manchester United the victor 
Who won the match by making Chelsea bicker

Copyright © Marc O'Brien