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Gold Wine

Webinar expires today!
Kids pick up, read to and play
Washing needs to be hung out
Dishwasher’s ready for clearing out
Cat needs taking to the vet
Bills need sorting - post pile turning into monument!
Dusting, vaccing all needs to be done
Or and the shopping too - and remember to use the pricing gun!
Plants need sorting - they’re sat out there looking as miserable as sin!
Stupid weather 20degrees then back to 3 again!
Switching suppliers to make ends meet
Traffic jams at the bottom of the street
Boss wants more work in the allocated time
Overtime pay! You may as well as ask for gold wine!

Diesel car bought when the government said that’s the way
Now killing everything on the planet every time I drive on my way?

Diesel fuel will soon be more expensive than house!
Oh and student loan forever I forgot about that!

Facebook, Twitter are you out of your mind? Stopping to breathe is difficult to find!

Remember the gym or you’re just a loser who can’t cope!

Manage stress? What the hell is that? We’re english and we don’t suffer that????     

10pm and sat in bed? Quiet time while mind wonders about the next problem!

Welcome to grown up life - just another 50 years before you can get your pension!

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