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Rock and Roll Angel

I found out about your passing like the wind that blew in,
I walked thru those French like doors,
And at that moment I knew this nightmare was true.
I saw you lying there with peace across your face,
I knew then your suffering was no more.
I touched your face for one last time,
the bitter cold feeling pierced my hand.
With your words running thru my mind.
you were a beautiful soul,
a loving human being.
A man that all men should resemble.
We met once upon a time,
and lasted forever in eternity.
Life won't be the same,
no more intelligent conversations on a daily basis.
Just pictures and old text messages,
our talks of hard times we have been thru.
you knew all my thoughts and I some of yours.
Old souls that intertwined together,
yours is at peace mine is at a loss.
I wish this wasn't true,
But walking thru those doors,
seeing you lying there,
hit me like a baseball bat,
knocked the breath right out of me.
I hope that you gained your angel wings,
when those church bells rang,
you were one of a kind,
that hard rockin angel you are.

Copyright © Donna Tymec