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Fragile Heart

Facets, only fragments of me I will let you see,
sad remnants of my life, delicate and broken I keep locked inside; with
anguish and sad memories of lost love-  oh I,
still lament for my true love under the cold earth.
And inside me there is a heart of porcelain like glass- so don't come all,
la-di-da and expect me to just fall in love with you, so easily; 
because I fear, fear, and dread losing my heart again-

Yet, heartbroken and vulnerable- I stand before you with my,
deep emotions swirling and twirling within my ailing eggshell soul;
you see, running from love is what I do-  and I am good at it
but I am ready to love a kindred spirit like you, so please;
take this tattered soul and heal it, and take this shattered heart, 
and hold me in your strong arms and just love me-

October 15, 2016

Poetry/Verse/Fragile Heart
Copyright Protected, ID 16-1152-163-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Submitted into the contest, Your Choice (9)
sponsor, Brian Strand

Second Place

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