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A Night to Remember

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes brushed the intricate parquet 

Carmel was swept off her feet to the clanging tunes of Flamencos 

A pink flamingo swapping kisses and castanets high above the floor

Gypsy tattoos on her ankles swirled like Derwish’s ecstatic devotion

Cocaine eyes wide open on her man but tonight femme was fatal 

Titanic brazier squeezed her bosom into fake contours ready for the kill

Thanks to her doctor her uplifting bottom implants softened the crush

Champagne flute shards mixed with botox as she lost her superior stand

Wiped seductive smiles off her face and mingled lip stick with blood

When she woke up from her dream it was not her gigolo lover who

Spoke softly through the daze of morphine and anaesthetic delirium

‘Ma'am I am sorry that I could not save the ink adorning your tootsie

And I will have to refer you to the guy from the plastic department

For you boobies’ reconstructive surgery to recover their natural shape

But your stilettos are out of this world ‘though they scraped a few bones

Do not worry unduly though because the footloose jewels cover my bill’

19th May 2019




Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann