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Lovers Undercover

Oh God, save our love, it's sinking in waves of fear.
Unrestrained sizzle and savour, a web tangles us near.
Our starving souls burn, ablaze in glowing ember.
Sparks of fiery frissons, so exciting to remember.   
Forgotten promises broken, we choose not to hear.
Thrill of forbidden love, simmers in lively cheer. 
Friendship laced touch , takes an  amorous steer. 
Wanting what we shouldn't, in guilt we drown together.
Oh God, save our love.
In addiction of passion, our conscience go unclear,
Moths dancing on flame, we still risk the chandelier. 
Erratic hearts yearn and swoon, in captivated tether,
Under clandestine cover, we feel worse or better?
Illicit, they call it, but isn't it also love,.. pure, sincere?
Oh God, save our love.

17th March 2019

Copyright © Debjani Mitra