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All in a Day at the Louvre

Magnetic attraction, enchanting dream of a lifetime -
	majestic pyramid attracts my eye, 
	mystique draws me in
O, your architecture! Pavilions, colonnades; art enclosing art,
	every square inch deliberately designed,
	ceilings pour forth scintillating splendor
Antiquities from Rome, Egypt, the Orient:
	trying to wrap my head around art
	created in Mesopotamia 6,000 years ago
Dazed and captivated in your Greek sculpture hall:
	Bronze beauty, marble magnificence,
	Venus de Milo seduces still
What history you have archived on your walls and pedestals!	
	Charlemagne holding his scepter,
	Louis XIV in regal resplendence
Oil on canvas communicates genuine genius
	Rembrandt, Rubens, Raphael,
	Vermeer, Van Dyck, Vigée-Lebrun
Mythology awakened to life in marble:	
	Hera, Hermaphrodite, Neptune, Nymph,
	Psyche and Cupid
Even commoners respectfully regarded:
	Messina's military man, Brueghel's beggars, 
	Michelangelo's dying slave
Centuries of religious faith expressed with grace and grandeur:
	Moses in the bulrushes, Islamic ivory,
	the penitent Magdalene, Virgin and child
Artistic vision reflects and redirects history:
	Renaissance masters forecasting the future,
	Monet's Impressionism a daring new style

Fifteen minutes till closing, where have the hours flown?
	What of tapestries, textiles, drawings, decorative arts?
	Alas, another day.
Highlight of the day, world's most famous painting:
	mysterious Mona Lisa smile
	thanks me for coming to visit
	timeless testimony to artistic aesthetic
	cathedral of contemplation
	history of humanity

Copyright © John Watt