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A Girl Cousin Battle - LM

Whose reality? She asked. Wondering if there had been a consensus.
Feeling left out by the cousins. 
No one could answer this.
Ah, she thought. 
Instantly figuring the instigator.

Not my reality, she said. The room was silent.
Boy cousins knew better than to hop into the fray.
This was a girl cousin woman- battle, and could end up ugly.
No, truly, she asked.  Whose reality? Certainly not mine.
Silence pawed its feet softly

Fear is a wonderful thing, she thought.
Knowing they were tired of challenging her.
So let’s draw up some blueprints and build a house, she said.
The others were intimidated, not knowing how to begin.
Come closer, she told them.
I will teach you.
They ran off screaming.

Written: 2-24-2020
Contest: She Inspires Series-LM
Sponsor: Maureen McGreavy

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger