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I am Her Favorite

I am Charmin’s favorite jacket, I feel her love.
Hiding out in the closet, with her hat above.
She likes to hold me very tightly and near.
We twirl together in front of her mirror.

I am a navy trench coat with a sharp little belt.
I have deep pockets, and a collar of soft tailored felt.
I am sharp, everyone compliments us when we’re out.
One day she loaned me, what was that all about?

I felt used, abused, enormously mad and incredibly sad.
I tried not to look perky, on the friend of her Dad.
She looked in the mirror but she did not see me at all.
She was a blonde woman, way skinny and tall.

Here is Charmin; she is giving me a light little brush.
There was a hair on my shoulder; a tiny speck of blush.
Don’t loan me out ever again! I tell her in a very stern way.
I am always her baby, each and every rainy Sunday!

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger