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If I were a bird love would be my wings
My flock would be of hip hop
Allow me to cruise sky blue white streams
Without fear of flying treetops
And oh the blackbird songs I prophetically sing

Would I sing just as lovers do
Mating season is never in winter time
Yet frostbitten love warms a fool
Romantic rendezvous red as fine wine
Love peaks primes we win and lose

If I was a cave would you explore
All my dark places to find peace
Would you have amber hope for 
Love inside of both of us deep
What do you dream of amour

If I was a dream I would be odd
Feverish romantic and enchanting
I would feel like holy love of God
With all souls delighted dancing
We would see the heavens and stars

Alas I am but a human poet
Using my heart as a green vase
If I didn’t say would you know it
Love is my garden and faith
plants the seeds of eternity hope is 

Copyright © Karen Jones