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To Break Into The Impenetrable Heart Of Irene

It would be so wonderful
to break into the impenetrable heart of Irene
who opposes my advance and feels serene;
what is the reason for her resistance?
Am I not what she expects in essence,
or even a liar so deceitful?

No woman's hand I have touched
and smeared it with any impurity,
I have always loved passionately;
given all and proud of what I did! 

To break into the impenetrable heart of Irene
is harder than convincing a drunken fool to believe in dreams;
I didn't ask for loneliness and stare at a clock that gleams...
I should have listened to the advice of Josephine!

Why is there a reminder of Ruth,
of that affair that ended in August; 
is it anger or distrust...
if I have clearly led out 
my intentions and plans
on the platter of simple truth?
ah, my many attempts 
have not been worth it!

To break into the impenetrable heart of Irene,
one must be rich and willing to buy her precious diamonds;
sadly, she has traded money for faithfulness;
I often wonder if she misses my touch in a sensual scene!  

Copyright © Andrew Crisci