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Sighted in the heart

-Sighted in the heart-

Sight her, Far away
Afar where only mind can see
Imagine how she look
Beautiful like a golden star
Shining like a morning sun
Colorful like the afternoon flower
Gentle like moon
She is an epitome of beauty
Her life is full of gloat,
Free like a floating ship,
Wide like an ocean
She never blink her eyes,
Unless in a beautiful manner
In her walking,
There is a lesson,
The right don’t move to touch the left
The left don’t move to touch the right
I keep imaging the splendor of her beauty
Her beauty is not man-made
Her life is pure,
Cool to understand
Simple and complaisant
Too many to in-build,
But no time to infuse
Don’t be confuse,
With my mental way of compute
To like, it must be you,

But she isn’t always in the mood
She is too croon,
When her beautiful voice is cue
Her crew,
Is a strong hood
When I open my eyes,
I became mute

Copyright © Iyaji Seidu