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I Walk Away

Walking away- I have done so many times, and I am left with memories that live in my rhymes; oh, at funerals I have turned and walked away, while my beloved lay with the flowers that decay. I walked away from my beloved with tears, yet, I go to cold tombs no matter how many years; and I have walked away from my beloved pets, putting my dearly loved in the hands of vets. Walking away- is something I seem to do well, but the pain of this turning away is my living hell; this is a deep sorrow that no one ever forgets, but loving is something no one ever regrets. So when the dead are put to rest, I walk away, but locked in my heart they will forever stay. __________________________ December 14, 2015 Poetry/Canzone/I Walk Away Copyright Protected, ID 15-1105-309-0 All Rights Reserved. Written under Pseudonym.

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