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Mind Dance

Mind Dance

I hear you calling me
I feel you on the wind
Playing with my hair
Grazing my cheek
With kiss’s shadow

Upon your distant shores
Perched on craggy rocks
Upon sunlit parched cliffs
I receive you

I feel the whispers
Of the past
I hear the moans
Of the lost ones
The forgotten ones

I am here
We are here
Know me
Know us....
For we have not departed 
We reside in your heart

Gazing up I see the fuzzy silhouette 
Of a man I once knew
Sitting in quiet contemplation
I recognize the tilt of the head
The steadfast gaze
The lonely heart calling out

Far below 
Rugged shoreline
Sharp massive rock beacons
Down ...down ...down

Becoming an erotic dance of mist and foam
Lovers entwined frolicking effortlessly
Their bodies of salt and sea intuiting one another
Mesmerizing me with their sacred union

High above royal seabirds 
Appear from their cave dwellings 
Diving down in unison 
To join the lover’s dance 
Their bodies 

Plunging full force into 
Undulating clouds of churning sea
Seeking food
Creatures of land and sea...
Let me fly with you

My nose is filled with cold briny air
My eyelashes kissed with saline tears
Taking me back to that moment

Dry tall yellow grasses brush against you
Your belly hot... hungry
Making your way through pulsating relentless heat

Your dry breath
Your focus
Your precision
Your hunger

I smell the hunt
The fight
The kill
Watching you conquer your prey
Providing for your pride

With eyes closed 
I see all of you
Oh gracious God of 
Light and beauty
You come to me in my dreams
Allowing me to be 
A humble witness to a
All you have created

I hear distant water gliding 
Over weathered stones
Natures Music

I hear the cawing of the seabirds
Rising up 
Growing fuller
One voice together

I feel the cheekbones of my ancient ancestor
Gently touching closed eyes
Feeling the wrinkles of skin
Her soul revealed
Each scar, wound, 
Kiss and tear

Holding her hand is my gift.
We walk through transparent sheets of 
Turquoise rain
Smelling the mossy green growth beneath our feet
High above where monkeys roam 
We hear the welcome drops 
Pelting the hand shaped leaves
Falling through the greenery
Finding their way to our smiles

A forever embrace 
As we become one 
My heart expands

Susan Lawrence
Copyright 2021

Copyright © Susan Lawrence