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Take a Leap

Sometimes spontaneity is the best,
For your entree into a particular quest

Too much thinking holds you back,
So does confidence if it is lacked

Is it fear that overrides a yes,
Or that we won’t do our best

So often the delay,
Is procrastination in a way

Not wanting to decide,
So the decision we set aside

Until later,
Or never

So instead consider to try,
By not asking why

Leave you inhibitions where they stand,
And proceed without a plan

The endorphin rush of letting go,
For there is no harm you know

Acting on a whim,
It’s good for her or him

Expanding ones comfort zone,
To have a curve ball thrown 

At us to see,
Something not as we perceived 

So challenge yourself to take a step,
Without expectation or regrets 

For a spontaneous decision,
Will change your vision. 

Copyright © christopher rowland