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Between birth and death
we are the wanderers through the universe
where each footstep vanishes over time

We are the King and Queen of our own decisions
and reap the pains and pleasures of each

We are the CALM moment of truth
whose souls have become vagabonds through the ages
counting the TRANQUIL beams of every dawn

We are the PEACEFUL shadows
seeking solutions for choices we have chosen

We are the lonely cry in the STILL of night
from the wrenching sense of our own madness
whose pangs we feel
from the open wounds in our heart

We are the SERENE mind
locked in the QUIET prison of our own eternity
as we face the darkness

We are the flaming star
blazing brightly across a black canvas
before vanishing into the unknown

We are the forgotten ones
whose memory of being born is lost to the eternities
as though we were never here

contest Writing Prompt-Calm
sponsor Constance La France

Copyright © Frederic Parker