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Another Rhyme-1

~Another Rhyme~

Standing on the edge of time
Pondering another rhyme
Everyday that’s what I do
I write another poem or two

Day after day and night after night
It seems that I’m compelled to write
Intrusions escaping through my hands
In hopes that others may understand

Thoughts flowing through veins of my soul
Some that are pure and some black as coal
The moonlight reveals the places I’ve been
That I paint with no more than paper and pen

This is one of my favorites from the first book I wrote in 1995-96.
It completely captured what was starting to erupt within my thoughts daily. 
I truly felt compelled to write constantly after my friend committed Suicide and I needed something to give me some answers to Why. But more than that I needed a way to escape the Pain and Sorrow. Today as I'm writing my 12th book 25 years later, I'm still pondering another Rhyme. :-) 
God Bless and Best Wishes to You...Peace 

Copyright © James Lagoski