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Breaking Down Barriers

It is no small act that follows no leaps nor bounds as we are bound the square, white-washed walls crumbling, no doors, no sound but who are we are we not what one perceives stuck to our one room box we break down walls chains colour splashes from our minds deep duck pond greens clouded and clumsy periwinkle blues rich like yellow satins seducing our sky dawning light down upon our eye the back, the forth smoke filled haze tapping on the shoulder a tapestry of the trumpets tip tapping away we sway outside the room pressures pierce the skull they look inside they see mirrors a reflection of their kind their closed mind set in their ways and their worries the world has ended for them as the books and the doors shut clenching rosaries and a plethora of pills to beat the heart or dull the thrills we're no dolls, nor drills, not make believe we burn, we live, we breathe our colours crimson our lips bitten our cheeks singed from the sun blood stains our sanctuary we don't whine, we will yes we will Rise rise up from the duldroms the blase acrimony walk upon the broken glass bleed unhook harnesses holding you back show off your bosoms your tiger, your grit stop bending over looking at your rear trying to replicate yesteryear storms are fast approaching thunder fills the halls be that lightning a tempest igniting One, uniquely one, and all

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