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I saw Mr. Sun outside
So hot, I was terrified 
Went nearly blind
And  almost fainted and died
He has no hands,  eyes 
Nor feet
But why?

The big yellow  flame in the sky
Was chased by the rain 
And ran away to hide in the dark, gray ,gloomy clouds 

But only after melting my icy and chocolate bar

 I did not see the sun for days 
And grew old and could not wait 

I was warned to not go outside
For I would get sick and not survive
Still, I wanted to be wild 
Like I am inside
But I had to be civilized 
I wanted to be young and muddy
Wet my hair and soak my clothes and my feet 

I wanted to build mud houses 
And make mud pie
I wanted to be a pig for goodness sake

But the rain poured and left mud slides 
Homes flooded and left mold behind

Lightning struck and took the life out of our t.v.
Just as the angered thunder roared a beastly  roar  and shook us 

We ate dirt and worms 
Sweet, gummy, colorful and chewy ones
That were inside of a planter  
With sweet, frosted chocolate cookie crumbs

We grew black and white  mustaches and beards

We laughed and made s’mores and almost forgot the chores
The rain and thunder put us to sleep 

When the sun does return
It can burn 
And burn
And burn

As I will be under the shade 
Staring at it with my dark, black shades 
With my icy and chocolate bar in hand

Marckincia Jean
Free verse

Copyright © Marckincia Jean