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Jasmine stint scented plants appreciate it textured colored perennial Plants botanic garden hyacinth Beautiful colored bright abundant fragrant Sweeten smells and delight blue flower soft pink pedals Magnolia evergreen, wisteria pergola purple wall Fragrant faint to overpowering Tubela freesia shades white orange Red blue yellow lavender balloons traces Sweet sweet scent outdoor Oasis Slow princess Dark Knight honeysuckles yellow variety flowers Late summer followed by bright red berries Scarlet Red light apricot pink double flower Scented rose roses by many names yet arose a rose Phlox several shades of pink Aa lots of white Salmon purple red bi colors parts Of a mixed border large swass for impact On a pure White tile variety fragrant Spring summer time lilac sturdy little shrub Shades of white with pink purple drought blooms all season long attracting pollinators with deep purple flowers Awesome that have orange throats fragrant out Of matter spicy host Perennial Rossi dark green foldage Lo! peony liken of a fuller rose bud pure White blooms with grimson flex heirlooms with gorgeous mimi mix of pink double blooms A truest scented voice Fragranted perfumed floral hosts~
3/6/21 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2021

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr.