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My dad

He wore a leather bomber jacket and a redskin hat and would engage with people where ever he was at. He wore two hearing aids that often whistled like a kettle and as he aged out in our three homes he did settle. A world war II vet he served in the navy and once out he married and they had three babies. Dad had been a lawyer and eventually became a judge. He was not a snooty person and seldom held a grudge. Dad was always most particular about where he chose to eat, only frequenting four star restaurants with the more elite.
At church his voice would bellow as he sang out every hymn. Most days he'd burst into a song if he felt the whim. Dad had an Irish temper but wasn't easily provoked, in order to get it simmering it had to be stoked.
Even in his older years he was still a flirt and would turn his attention to a pretty face or leggy skirt. Dad had a strong work ethic and worked til age 75 and would probably still be working now if he was alive.
At age 81 as he lay counting sheep, my dad gently slipped away, dying peacefully in his sleep. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THOSE GREAT FATHERS OUT THERE

Copyright © Nancy Kaufman