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As parents…regular and grand we’ve come to understand
We live a life of schedules…where so much of it is planned.

Yet with our aging eyes we still can recognize
moments of perfection…when they arise.

To us it is quite clear…with friends and family near
we need to enjoy these moments…before they disappear.

Our youngest grandchildren came to stay…one night while their parents were away
and we were amazed how many moments of perfection came our way…

Picking up the two…once their day at school was through
singing songs with the radio like we used to do.

To the music we ‘got down’…(do people still say ‘getting down?)
a breezy ride in our golf cart…then a walk downtown.

It seemed just like a dream…we watched the full moon gleam
we played Wii games…ate tacos and ice cream.

Like we did when they were small…we watched a movie…we were enthralled
knowing why…still wondering…when did they get so tall?

Now seeing eye to eye…with a simple hug goodbye
we smiled at our good fortune and we sighed…

Because here’s another thing…learned on the back of life’s fleeting wings
perfection can be found in the simplest of things.

This is why we understand…though different for every woman…every man
these perfect moments…we need to catch them when we can.

Copyright © Jim Yerman