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The Musings Of A Mouse

Last night I was human.
I was my "normal" self.
Somehow, I've shrunk by five-foot-one!
Now I'm a mouse upon a shelf.

My heart sinks as I look down
Upon the cat that was my friend.
No purrs. More hisses. All bites. No kisses.
And she chases my tail no end!

In balance, my athleticism 
And the energy I've never had
Allows me to do crazy things
That would send any human mad.

I can scurry up the wall.
I can run up curtains too.
I've discovered so much about this house 
That I never knew!

In this tiny body the dust to me
Is like clouds of candy floss.
I can slide on it for heaps of fun.
My furniture is made of moss!

Unfortunately in this downsized shape,
The bugs are as big as dogs!
If a mouse could use computers
I would write some unusual blogs.

My concept of time is altered too.
A humans day goes on much longer.
The amount of running I've had to do
Has made my heart and lungs much stronger.

A salty scent of cheddar 
Slithers through the air.
As I follow its wavey route
I spot a trap that I placed there.

My vision starts to fog.
A fighting spirit I lack.
Anxiety overwhelms me.
Everywhere goes black.

My head lifts from the pillow.
I am myself again.
The cogs start turning in my head.
What was that all about then?

Sometimes a change of perspective helps.
It offers a better view
A chance to consider what matters most
To take to heart some lessons too.

Even dreams can help with this.
Something inside can snap.
Somehow I suspect that I'll think twice
Before I next set up a trap.

Copyright © Natasha L Scragg


Book: Reflection on the Important Things