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Im me

During the day the sun learns from me
At night the moon and stars are all for me
I can dance for the sky and for the clouds sly
The true colour of my own world is ugly

Im the daughter of the moon
My night smile gives light to everyone
Im named after the sun
My anger burns the world till noon

My own eyes twinkle at dusk 
And dormant during the day
Because smart workers do their mission at night
I usually drain harsh words from my brain 

I know why you people don't understand my studies
Because your anxiety takes you to the side of my buddies
You who wish i was a book and on your hands a pen
To write on me because the art will live until then

But listen to me
Im noble in my own made world
I usually stand among kingdoms 
Who fight and before me my team have to win

Im that soul whose political world work
And the name i stand for is that of a winner
And soon i will bring it real that i will be a winner
Im not a magician but a great politician of change and wage.

Copyright © Catherine Mutunga