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Beautiful Disillusion

Candle bright affection 
is melting
Trust is on the wane,
our love light is flickering

Vows of fidelity
was such a beautiful beginning
Heartfelt words spoken with sincerity
had no echo fear of ending

This love burned so bright,
but only for a short time
Until waxen tears of disillusion
started doubt dripping

Beautiful plans,
glowing promises dissipated so fast
Passionate hope
with a cold lip stroke turned into ash

Fiery vows of fidelity
was such a beautiful beginning
Lovely scented words waxed with sincerity,
they had no wick fear of ending

Now, beautiful disillusion
has waning hope tearfully melting
Flickering doubts, 
trust is sorrowfully wavering

Paraffin emotions ... scarlet strain
of a twined, tallow heart 
is burning at both ends with pain — 
A sad start of living apart 

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr.