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Cat Independence

Cats are amazing critters!
Of course, all cat lovers
are well aware of this;
so, it is not to you
whom I speak. But to
those less furry among-st
us—to those less inclined
to seek a warm lap and
shamelessly purr to the
heat and is to
you whom I vociferously
refer; as I sit here aloft,
with little fear of falling…
acrobats our natural calling--
certain I will always land
on all fours (well, two—you
know what I mean) after 
executing a fine pirouette
in the air—righting myself
with true Calico Flair—it is
to you whom I speak; 
brothers and sisters
of all stripes and shades--
whose politics are naps
and not pompous celebrity
tirades; to you whom
I speak, wishing the world
an abundance of tuna, and
tall, green delicious herbs
for all—I speak to those of us, 
who in our hearts yet cherish 
and respond to the wild call
with pointed ears, despite 
howls, cheers and sneers 
of the many Party-dogs, 
skillfully trained to
do tricks at the master’s
slightest whim-full gesture;
therefore, not man’s loyal 
companion is the subject
of my extended lecture
but the cat’s independence--
his often daring, greatly 
admired resilience,
laid-back nature--
this has been the subject 
of my really, entirely, totally 
catnip inspired feature….

Copyright © Joe DiMino