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Flawed existence

Born in a middle class family, I enjoyed my life every day
As I grew, with rosy dreams of the future, in bed I would lay

I will have a romantic husband, a life of love and care
With great joy I got married, about reality was unaware

My mother-in-law was  ever critical of all I did
I wore a MASK of joy, my tears I often hid

Hubby kept quite, he simply watched me cry
To end my agony and tears he never made a try

My tender heart was BROKEN when he said I love you
Wanted to yell end this FACADE, do you really do?

With a CRACKED heart and  crushed dreams I persisted
Went about my daily work unhappy, I merely existed

I realized true love doesn't exist, reality  is FLAWED
All human are heartless, everyone around is fraud

Initially I felt I was useless like a cloth that is TORN
Now I know all are IMPERFECT, every person born

We all live a life of ILLUSION many truths are never spoken
Since we easily believe others we are often heartbroken

Our expectations are the cause of our agony and pain
Due to our attachment and ego every time we are slain

If we have no desires, if we do good deeds, never do bad
We will always be happy, no-one, nothing can make us sad

It is not just with wedding, in fact our whole life
Is based on falsehood, oftentimes  full of strife

We think we are the body while we are the soul seated within it
We serve the body in delusion, about soul we don't care a bit

We work for gratification of senses, on desires whims we dance 
A life of unrest is lived by us, full life without peace we prance

We need to end this falsehood, identify with our true self
Try to see our soul, aim for salvation, live for our true self

Only after salvation we will discover agape love, eternal joy
A life of truth, devoid of pain and tension, we’ll  finally enjoy

For writing prompt Flawed, Constance La France

Copyright © Rama Balasubramanian