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100 Best New Poems

A list of the 100 best and most popular new poems posted on PoetrySoup within the past 2 months. These are the top poems, by poet, as chosen by PoetrySoup members. Also see Top 100 Poems All-time and Top 100 Famous Poets - All Time .

1 Ode to Dewdrops Vijay Pandit
2 Like a Book John Gondolf
3 Some Distant Shore Jeff Kyser
4 Flight To Midnight Susan Ashley
5 The Blessings of Prayer Connie Marcum Wong
6 Summer Lace Mike Gentile
7 Van Gogh: Cafe Terrace At Night Gary Radice
8 When Life Gets Rough Edward Ibeh
9 Love Song to my Rose Andrea Dietrich
10 The Supreme Source I Am Anaya
11 - Haiku X 223 - afternoon sky - Sunshine Smile
12 The Scarlet Rose Mark Massey
13 Forever Anitha Jayasankar
14 music of my soul Constance La France
15 All In A Day harry horsman
16 haiku - summer FJ Thomas
17 Cruise To Alaska Sotto Poet
18 fancy-underpants James Starkey III
19 The old rusty gate Unseeking Seeker
20 Hear The Blowing Wind Malabika Ray Choudhury
21 The Time Between the Seasons Janice Canerdy
22 Women In My Family Christuraj Alex
23 Composing Poetry Paulette Calasibetta
24 Joy Is Len Gasun
25 Storytime Elizabeth McCann
26 The Broken Locket Emile Pinet
27 The Old Rusty Gate Anisha Dutta
28 love by any other name Line Gauthier
29 A Tree is like a Blank Book Suzanne Delaney
30 The Legacy of Life meru groen
31 Someone's Someone Juliet Ligon
32 Bad Kitty - Birdie's Lycia Harding
33 Mother of Nature Belle Bellevue
34 The Homecoming Tom Cunningham
35 Space and Time Susan Lawrence
36 The Longings of an Old Man Jim Hirtle
37 As Morning Light Unfurls Jenna Logan
38 If Ever I Don't Know John Watt
39 The Time Between the Seasons Sam Kauffman
40 Porcelain Doll David Kavanagh
41 i never wonder why i love you Timothy Ray
42 Sweet Ache Brandy Nicole
43 Life On The River Bill Baker
44 Thank you, Lord Gershon Wolf
45 As Her Love Lives Forever In This Heaving Breast Robert Lindley
46 As I Dream Mystic Rose Rose
48 A rainy train journey - Happy father's day Supraja Kannan
49 Unstable Michelle Faulkner
50 Heavens On The Phone Deb M.
51 Supreme Indignation ilene bauer
52 My Hero Paula Goldsmith
53 Spurned Love Linda Alice Fowler
55 Magical Love Victor Buhagiar
56 Mixed Messages Ann Foster
57 Just your face : couplet Paghunda Zahid
58 A Quiet Place That I Sought Valsa George
59 I'm a Writer L MILTON HANKINS
60 Aurora Spills Lady Labyrinth
61 Poems I've written never meaning to send Mark Frank
62 A Tribute To Connie Marcum Wong michael tor
63 Life Is Heidi Sands
64 AWAKE COMPASSION X Demetrios Trifiatis
65 Tribute to an Un-named Poetess Terrell Martin
66 To Honor My Hero Eve Roper
67 Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Version - 2 - 25 Vladislav Raven
68 i sip those coffee irises Kim Rodrigues
69 Whimsical Tania Kitchin
70 Debra or Deborah Shirley Hawkins
71 Farewell South Carolina Janis Thompson
72 Moon Drop Evelyn Judy Buehler
73 Midsummer Scream Margarita Lillico
74 If I had wings Angela Tune
75 On Yahweh's Altar Tom Valles
76 Existence Brian Sambourne
77 Custers Last Sh-t Maurice Rigoler
78 Eighty-eight Keys Linda Craddick
79 Fireworks Eric Cohen
80 Fishing and Watching Joe Maverick
81 Mad Molly Shaw 2 - Molly Stands Firm Terry Flood
82 Beware the Witches' Spell Christine Watts
83 A Fiery Lick Joe DiMino
84 Finding My Muse Subimal Sinha-Roy
85 Back on the Line Chiweme Phiri
86 Goin Home Paul Warren
87 Leading A Happy Life Via Reading mv venkataraman
88 Zephyrs Barry Stebbings
89 Poetry Anne E Sangster - K
90 Too Handsome In Honolulu Robert Gorelick
91 You Are Who You Are, Let It Shine Philip Scheidel
92 TODAY Mulu Magdalinos
93 Upon this Naked Parchment Bare Mitchell Griswold
94 Pompous Pied Piper II Jeannie Cronin
95 The Power Of Light Aram Sarian
96 the mighty sea is she Lisa Ricci
97 A bad decision Bradley Lane
98 a quite river Poet Tellaferro
99 Sleep Sneakers Andy Chunn