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100 Best New Poems

A list of the 100 best and most popular new poems posted on PoetrySoup within the past 2 months. These are the top poems, by poet, as chosen by PoetrySoup members. Also see Top 100 Poems All-time and Top 100 Famous Poets - All Time .

1 Perpetual Edward Ibeh
2 Fable of the Night Vijay Pandit
3 Lilac Longing Ink Empress
4 Changes are Encouraging Lin Lane
5 Reason I Believe Constance La France
6 The Music Of Heart In Verse Softly Whirred Besma Riabi Dziri
7 Life Is A Song Sara Etgen-Baker
8 Rise And Fall Christina Bowring
9 The Magical Music of Poetry John Gondolf
10 Shake Off the Wolf Kim Rodrigues
11 Lily Letters of Jasmine Hiya Sharma
12 Bilocation Sam Kauffman
13 Inner Sanctum Sotto Poet
14 I Am Andrea Dietrich
15 Paper Kingdom I Am Anaya
16 Awaking from Stupor- POTD Valsa George
17 Oh Captcha Squares Robert Schatz
18 Grade School Teacher-PS Len Gasun
19 Thinking of you Speaks Volumes
20 Bilocation Richard Lamoureux
21 Everything I've Ever Lost Matthew Bailey
22 Odyssey Brian Sambourne
23 Life is a Song Fading Star Silence
24 Scentient Craig Cornish
25 Discombobulation Di11y Da11y
26 painters brush Eve Roper
27 Wild And Free Howard Kerr
28 REVENGE Anisha Dutta
29 Musings of Love Beryl Edmonds
30 Exponential Growth Jaymee Thomas
31 The Wind Teased Suzette Richards
32 Imagination Jeanine Dejesus
33 Before You Terry Miller
34 Colours of Poetry Silent One
35 FOREVER ADELINE - Narrated by Poetry Soup Poet - SAM SCOTT Maria Williams
36 Gnarled Shadows Daniel Henry Rodgers
37 Once Upon A Time In Milton Creek The Conclusion Tom Cunningham
38 Manipulations Of Fate Susan Ashley
39 Debacle Tom Woody
40 A Face Like Thunder POTD Evelyn Judy Buehler
41 Hiya's Words Mystic Rose Rose
42 The Murder of Cherry Creek Town Victor Buhagiar
44 we're sinking Charlotte Puddifoot
45 A paper tree Nancy Kaufman
46 Nature's Song Joseph May
47 It's hard to Let Go Jerry Brotherton
48 We Shine Heidi Sands
49 Before The Sun's Pieces Paige Hind
50 THE STORY OF BABY ELLIE Jennifer Proxenos
51 Undone Paula Goldsmith
52 - Haiku X 296 - january - Anne-Lise Andresen
53 JAN'S FANS John Lawless
54 Meadow - 100 Best New Poems Sam Scott
55 Golden Hearts - ::POTD:: Christopher Grieves
56 It's not as good as it gets Mark Koplin
57 Our Bawdy Queen Linda Alice Fowler
58 Unrequited Rowe Weiss
59 Thoughts In Noir Mike Gentile
60 Tenor In The Sky Charles Messina
61 The Star Crossed Lovers, Romeo and Juliet Panagiota Romios
63 Gumball Rally Bill Baker
64 The Peach Tree Paul Willason
65 The Hermit Shadow Hamilton
66 The Green-Eyed Woman Sara Kendrick
67 Rekindled Love Jay Narain
68 In the Dark ITQ Jeanette Swan
69 Imposter Syndrome Christopher Delegans
70 Kiss the Sky Randy Freie
71 A Lighthearted Peek At The Apocalyptic World Of Poetry Contests Robert Sidwell
72 Sun always shines Maria Fernandez-Garcia
73 A Star in Your Sky Gershon Wolf
74 Forgiven Karen Jones
75 I'll be there by and by Chetta Achara
76 Mad About Towns David Fisher
77 Spontaneity David Kavanagh
78 The Sky Darlene De Beaulieu
79 Come To His Table Regina Elliott
80 Goodbye Winter Abdullah Alhemaidy
81 Song of The Peacock Butterfly No 6: AABB Hilo Poet
82 Pearlescent Pleasure The Aura Rhymes
83 The Temple of the Butterfly Mat Ignacio
84 The Myth of Yesterday James Moore
85 Come With Me Hilda Greenhough
86 the fall of Saint Tropez Anais Vionet
87 goddess of all waters Lisa Ricci
88 Hades Siren Jude Herrick
89 The Mores of Morays Steven Getz
90 Nicodemus the Pharisee Mike Roberts
91 Snow Days Regina Mcintosh
92 friends' words Yann Rolland
93 Intelligence unveiled Aysha Nuwas
94 KEEP ON SMILING Pardy Mupfumbu
95 A New Day Ann Peck
96 moonspeak Gregory Richard Barden
97 What Is Freedom? Mulu Magdalinos
98 Peace of Cheese Andrew John
99 Lux Aeterna Indigo Sky
100 Who will reason Joe Maverick