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She Knew How We Should Live Our Lives

Her mother should….
His dad should….
Those parents should….

She was full of advice
Old lady on the hill.
Unwavering pumiceous ideas oozed out of her

Her pores were full of ideas for the rest of us
Savagely spoken and with 
Great authority she told us all how to behave 

And how to rear or children
What clothes we had a right to wear
What books we should avoid

She had never held a job or met a man
She did not have girlfriends. Perhaps they had run away?
I was completely amazed at her overzealous self-confidence

She was bossy and arrogant.
Knowing how we should all live our lives
Odd from a woman who had never lived

But the town was used to her
This odd woman who had lived with her long-suffering parents
until they died to get away from her. 

The coroner had written “died to get away from their daughter”
on each of their death certificates.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger