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You saw how we live 
You became jealous 
The way we are close
And you became envious 
Our affairs drives you insane 

The love we practice 
Makes you wish
Our disputes are undisclosed 
That makes you uncomfortable 
The way we walk in the street,
Makes you look like a witch

I admire a pretty girl in the street 
My lady knows of it either ways 
I received a visitor and you became a spy
I got a phone call
Your ears became that of rabbit

I Went out for fun 
My location became exposed 
My lady brought me goodies
And your ambitions became asunder 
Google the street
And your detail appears

I dare not salute a female
A philander is reported to my lady
Even while away, your agents are still at work
The job became more interesting

Your man is nothing to write about 
But you make him the best 
Even while he doesn't return at times
No one dare say a word 
Still he's the best to you

You suddenly became the fourth estate of the realm 
You are even doing well
Than the press
You know a bird in hand is precious 
But still want to chase my away
Well done

Even while my lady is away, 
You still force yourself on her
All you are waiting for is her leaving date
So you can throw the long awaited party
Well done