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Daily Poetry #60, March 29, 2017
Word: Space

Constellations, universes, galaxies,
Holding many secrets that we cannot reach.
Look up and touch the sky, with your eyes, search.

So broad, so big, so indefinite,
One look isn't enough to discover everything.
Hold on tight to what you see, and keep looking.

Even time cannot measure,
As space engulfs everything that travels into it,
But somehow we've discovered it, bit by bit.

A supernova of emotions,
As the heart bursts with such a beautiful sight.
With that in mind, go and take your flight.

But you don't need a fancy rocket,
Just look around you for those who stand out,
There are very few, but they are there, without a doubt.

When you find that one,
Look into the star and you'll find the universe,
As stardust and the world disperse.