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Does Anyone Care

Does anyone care
about the forgotten and voiceless 
in our society?
Who cries for these people?

What about the less-fortunate 
and helpless ones abandoned and lost
in no man's land without a compass.
Who hears their cries to be found and rescued?

We all do, but we shouldn't
 just say that we "care", we must always show it!
Actions speak louder than words

Does anyone care about YOU...
when you're drowning
In the quicksand on despair
My friend, you don't know me from Adam,
but believe that I do. You're not alone
I do care, God cares.

You need not wonder if...
people can hear
You're muted, anguished cries...
of "Does anyone care?"
Your face where's your question
 like a mask everyone can see!

Does Anyone Care Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Emile Pinet
Date written: 02/21/2020

Copyright © Edward Ibeh