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Conformity is my enemy

Conformity is my enemy

Conformity is my enemy;
Everything they took from me, they didn’t know I didn’t want it!
Your society is empty;
All they have is useless to the kid who never wanted to fit in.

We stand apart, on different plains;
I have evolved, whilst your entire existence has just stood still.
You and I could never be the same;
You are so far behind and could never catch up.
They say I should care, but I never will.

Our destinies are walking different paths;
I am route 66 and you will only ever go back.
Your personal history means nothing to me;
Your memories made you what you are, 
But you are trapped by conformity.

What makes a man?  You are made from snow.
I am an iron man and when the sun comes out you will simply go.
You are as deep as glass and don’t make me laugh;
I see through your smile into your empty head
And all I can see is all the meaning that you lack.

Go stand in line, buy another phone;
You are just a clone and nobody that I will ever want to know.
Impress me or detest me;
See my apathy
And realise I do not need to know your opinion,
Because I have my own individuality.

I am a freak;
I am a geek.
I am whatever you call me,
But at least I am unique.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey