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The day never ends

A long day , a day long 
A day that never ends 
Singing the same song
We get up get dressed
Get out in society 
Give it our best 
We don't stress because we do alot of things out of love 
The sun never sets 
It so beautifully beams 
And it gives a glow
Have you ever saw a day 
That never ended before 
No need to restart 
The clock never turned 
Couldn't give back a day 
That we barely even earned 
So we start all over 
Let it repeat itself 
Have a turn to really complete ourselves
As this day never ends
Can we ask for forgiveness of our sins 
As this day never ends 
Can we be refreshed 
As this day never  ends 
Can we grow?
Maybe yes maybe no 
God has that kind of power 
To vanish all the hours 
But he doesn't 
He shows the beauty 
As the sun sets 
No he's not done yet 
As the day never ends 
Have we exhausted  or lost it the possibilities
Or can we bring it back 
What if the day never ends?
Would you still remain on track ?
Or would you revert back ?
Imagine 24 hours a day 
Nothing changes or has changed 
The day itself has remained 
The same 
And suddenly 
We see 
How the world would be 
Without day and night 
It's a sight 
We all would want to see 
A never ending day 
For a never ending me!

Written by : Concetta Hardnett

Copyright © concetta hardnett