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My head is a vase, thirsting for water.
Pour knowledge into my mind for thoughts are forever sought after,
And if all I have to offer,
Is not good enough to impress Heaven’s daughter,
Then raise my soul with every word 
And allow me to shout from the rafters,
That I am here to learn!
The every thought that has ever been sought,
And once and for all I have learned all that which can be taught.
I will continue to search for a seer to see more.

A direction forth which leads me through only future doors,
Because all that has passed behind me is no more.
Only forward thinking, chalk written on boards.
No time for a break;
Determination compels me to learn from my mistakes.

There is no time to sit and wait for a changing of the seasons,
For my future is out there,
So I must be out there to find my reason.
I want more and more and why being just ok will never be enough.
I have to improve with each and every book.
I need to be better; better than ever.
Better than average; forward forever.
No backwards step, no time left to rest,
Upon my laurels; remove my flower head.

There is no space left inside my head,
For dreams of romance, that time is dead.
At this moment in time love is a waste of lies,
And worrying about tears that will never dry,
Just leaves me with a hole I cannot close.
Go to Hell, I suppose.

Quit asking; cry a river for me.
You are the star of the century, going cheap.
Watch as I leave you standing there confused.
How could he know the things we do?
I am done waiting on you, I wait no longer;
You are weak, I am stronger.
See you later with a lack of foresight.
No ambitious dreams haunt your nights.

I cannot allow myself to be trapped,
By your meaningless selfish schemes.
I need a way to escape.
I need to follow my dreams.

All the negative words you say are wasted.
I hope the rain destroys all you hold sacred.
Tomorrow beckons; I will learn another lesson;
So treat me badly baby, ‘cause you ain’t got me guessing.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey