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The Old Man

                                                             One day I
                                               noticed an old man Walking
                                                           and humming
                                                         a song. Stopping
                                                       I said, "excuse me
                                                           sir, may I ask,
                                                             how have
                                                        you lived so long?"
                                                      He then turned off his
                                                     radio, touching his old
                                                 chin for a bit. He said,"ok I'll 
                                              tell  you friend About my         life
                                        style    this is it." I always have      me 
                                   some         whiskey Before bed      and 
                                 x                    when I get up. Smok-
                                x                        ing four packs of
                               x                    cigs a day, I also put 
                              x                 gin in my    coffee cup
                             x              I can't say      I exercise
                            x            I'll not            walk if 
                           x              I have               a car. I
                          x                 lay and              watch tv
                         x                      all day                and all
                       x                   night, I                 hang out

                                 at a bar!  I was surprised and told him so
                                  “That's not how I thought it would be,
                                       may I ask how old are you now?”
                                        He said, “Oh, I'm thirty three!”

Copyright © PAT Adams