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The Mark of the Z

                           |                                                   (\
                           |             *Guy                             Will-
                           |              iams                        (((used to
                           |        play Zorro On             ((the Walt Dis-
                       ooooo         (ney)                  ((TV show  For us,
                          (We         (had)              (((never enough It was
                          black and white,just so you know. He and     his
                            horse "Tornado" rose up, A daun-
                                  ting silhouette upright. With the           crack
                               of his flapping cape, A crescendo of sound     and
                            sight. Antonio Banderas later, Grabbed onto    the
                         cinema reins, With all new special ef-
                       fects Releasing all colorless chains
                    Bringing back those wonderful  times
                 Now, with a lady   by his side. Cath-
              erine Zeta-Jones   cast As "Elena"
            helped to turn the   tide Now again
                                           a hero seemed
                                         real With the be-
                                       lief a wrong can go
                                       right A  masked man
                                       but a pro-     tector Ri-
                                        ding out        quickly
                                          to fight      Once
                                            long       ago on
                                             a TV          show
                                             They            sang
                                             A fox               so cun-
                                              ning                and free
         The sword bearing vigilante, Zorro  makes  the  mark  of  the  Z!

Copyright © PAT Adams