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No Fear of Snakes

I step gingerly into my yard
Avoiding the leaf piles 
For that is where the snakes hide

The ground is frozen solid.
But they are down there.
In their hidey-hole, waiting.

I have a regular garter snake; I fancy she is a she.
She sits at the top of my concrete steps
Sunning in the spring

I name her Snaky
She does not bother me, and I
Do not use those steps

The snakes respect me
For I have saved many snake babies
From the mouth of my cat.

Shark is his name, and he is a hunter.
He devours almost everything 
So I get the snake babies quickly

Which may be why their mommies and daddies
Leave me alone, even when I bother them
When I am planting; always accidentally.

Fear of snakes? Not me.
I give them the space and respect they deserve
And they give me my space too.
A mutual sharing of “our” yard.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger