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AQUAMARINE waves kiss the shore as gulls fly overhead.
CRIMSON Geraniums hang in baskets on the porch.
We've planted LAVENDER outside the garden gate for luck,
and lined the driveway with LILAC bushes.
There is a LEMON tree and a TANGERINE tree in the back yard.
They offer shade and luscious fruit.
I don my best CHARTREUSE muumuu and a CORAL necklace and bracelet,
with a SAFFRON colored ribbon in my hair to welcome my guests.
We will sit in the garden and sip WATERMELON wine,
as we discuss my new home and what to do with it.
This will be where I will come to enjoy nature and find peace.
It will be the place where I will come to retire in this quaint little village.
It will be my sanctum sanctorum.
My little house by the sea.

                                                                                        April 14,2021

Copyright © Judy Ball