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The Green Monster

The green monster,
they are everywhere being worn like a badge of honor.
Have you seen them,
where did they come from.
Could one of them be you,
say it is not true.
Some say they are only after the green money,
they are really after the entire pot of golden honey.
Do you need a clue,
they are after what belongs to me and you.
They take what is not theirs,
they have no cares.
Hurt and pain they bring,
they want to make you sing.
What evil they live,
never knowing how to give.
They will not change,
so stay far out of their range.
You do not want to catch their evilness,
do not turn into their greensickness.
Jealousy is the green monster,
this is something to ponder.
Date Written: 6/23/2021

Copyright © Paula Goldsmith