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Be not what you think you are But who you are

Faith is conceptual belief
and like heaven itself 
it needs no proof
as it transcends time, place,
history, culture and space.
Yet, as faithful as we may be,
we are not of heaven
but are beings of the earth—
Unable to divorce ourselves
from the experiences of time, place,
history, culture or perceived cosmic space.

Life is an earthbound reality
perceived and lived in time, place,
history, culture and space.
And liberation is not what we think
but what we must fight to ensure to be—
To merely seek, ask and knock
is as conceptual as faith is; whereas
fought for and won liberation
is the result of the reality of perceived truth:
you shall know the truth and the truth
shall set you free—free your mind and you are
not just what you think you are but who you are.

P.S:  To think thoughts is one thing;
         to actualize them is another thing.
         Reality is not a concept but an actuality.    

Copyright © millard lowe