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Today we celebrate all tenses of fathers…
every father ever amassed…
We celebrate future fathers in waiting….
present fathers…
and with this poem…all fathers who have passed.


His children gathered at his funeral…tears rolled down their cheeks
they had chosen the eldest among them…and she began to speak.

“When we let our memories take us,” she began, 
“as far back as we can see…
we remember Dad always saying, 
‘if you do your best…that’s good enough for me’.”

When we brought home a school paper marked with an A, B, C or D, 
he’d smile and say, ‘if you did your best…that’s good enough for me’.

Through all our successes and failures…there our dad would be 
‘if you did your best’ he’d say with a smile, ‘that’s good enough for me’.

There was no pressure in his words…
if you do your best…that’s good enough for me
but they always made us want to do better…
to be the best that we could be.

So Dad, as we say goodbye
we know you wouldn’t want us to make a fuss
Thanks for being the best Dad you could be….
which was always more than good enough for us.

Copyright © Jim Yerman