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Get A Life You Are A Person No One Would Like To Be

She wasn't clever or cool 
allowed to stay home from school 
within the four walls 
of the house where she ruled 
reducing her social scene to the bare minimal 
and her knowledge and her know-how didn't develop at all 
with activities limited and experience dormant 
she failed to be interesting, staying dense and boring 
never learning compassion, only selfishness forming 
looking inward concurring she's an important person 
knowing what she knows believing it certain 
a world stuck at home with her mum and shut curtains 
confident through compliments her mother was serving 
honour was surplus and pride never surfaced 
be sly, two faced, and ignore your mistakes 
blocked out all your flaws and be self righteous in awe 
seeing victory as yours when others have faults 
not as you better them but when they fall short 
allow the entitlement to grow ever more 
a life without friends but you're so important 
social scenes and lovers never your fortune 
go with the idea you've gained the resources 
as that god given right gifts you assurance 
and reach for the power you don't understand 
in success by chance you're the only to stand 
without competition power's put in your hand 
ignore you're the only one who wanted command 
and take all the power that comes with the job 
but fail all your duties and learn not a lot 
focus enforcing your authority and status 
target employees and show where their place is 
the ones unlike you assert all your hatred 
condemn all their dating because you're frustrated 
slander their rep and have rumours investigated 
seek to punish and end their greatness never tasted
spend your time as a leader looking to crack em 
get them in trouble and one day sack 'em 
believe this role your right as the boss 
over all those below you and walk around cross 
because you think you know best 
though each attempt is a loss 
assert your position, obsess on this mission 
ignore the defeat you create in repetition 
move upto evil for any submission 
slander, bully, set up, get 'em 
it is your right to put people in their place 
power without boundaries and blind to disgrace   
you're not sacking an employee 
it's a person you're destroying 
your social life a no go and the job role a side show 
the person quits but not cus you tried to 
your efforts all failed it was slander to prevail you 
celebrate your victory 
you're someone no one would want to be 
and remember 
later sacked, caught abusing authority
now you're a saddo with no life stalking me

Copyright © Nick Trim