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Due to growing Nimbus clouds of oppression an area of low pressure has been building Rest assured, it won't lead to bouts of depression but rumblings of thunder have now been heard, foreshadowing the bombs of fury soon to come. Be advised: the ripping winds will not be deterred. To counteract and neutralise any negative vibes this Poetry Souper has been on a strict vegetarian diet of lentils, cabbage soup, curry and beans; re-fried They have been consumed in copious quantities. Take shelter from wind gusts. There may be a riot! Steps are being taken because many have died from the expulsions of a toxic build up of gas. It's predicted to be tornado level turbulence emanating from winds blown out of my a s s Anatomically referred to as expelled flatulence. Blowouts should be considered as lethal blasts, and not to be taken lightly, ignored, or scorned. This is a public service alert of severe wind forecast. The approaching storm is of gigantic proportions. Gas masks are advised. You have been warned! Warning Poetry Contest Sponsored by Richard Lamoureux 2/28/20

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