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Despite Your Tells - LM

Afraid to reveal perfection has a flaw you hide your talents behind curtains of doubt. When cast among vultures without beak or claw the odds are stacked, and you need to wait them out. There is fearsome competition for the win think of where you're going not where you've been. You cannot count on secrets or magic spells you must play the cards fate dealt despite your tells. Reality is something you rise above* you mustn't allow it to get in your way. There's no scientific way to describe love emotions beyond feelings come into play. What you see depends on what you want to see you can be a winner or a wannabee. Life's offers you no road maps, you're on your own a unique individual, not a clone. (Rispetto) 02/21/2020 * "Reality is something you rise above."-Liza Minelli She Inspires Series - LM Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Maureen McGreavy

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