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Slivered Thoughts

I left home 
I have not returned yet 

A narrow stream runs behind my yard
I throw seeds in it and hope for the sun to rise
Beautiful coloured flowers will grow, 

Drops of rain fall
The odour of wet earth fills my nostrils, 
I expired my energy in the course of the day 
The night calls again for endless contemplations,

It was yesterday when you and I were friends 
Today you look at me with displeasure
I gave you my heart 
My home became yours too, 

But you have turned it into a waste dumping site. 
My commonplace is in ruins. 

I have packed my luggage, In a couple of hours 
I will hug my loved ones
Dearly beloved, 
Circumstances unknown have buried me down the earth 

I expressed a smile but 
You pulled out a rifle. 
Brother of mine, I love you still 
You have sent me to a place of perfect peace

I gave you my honour
But you humiliated my fragility imperishably  
You argue over petty issues 
Your lives are chaotic and insatiable 

I cry in silence for the beautiful memories 
And bad memories, 
I cry for the inhumanity 
But wait, what happened to truth and justice...? 

Copyright © Memory Melania Mutanuka