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I see your gaze adrift
your eyes stray miles away
were I to guess
it wouldn’t be
a far stretch to think
you’re wondering
what’s next and
where this journey’s going

I ask what you’re thinking
and you make up some phony line
I’m not buying it but I don’t mean to pry
the last thing you need to hear
is some dumb platitude
I hope to be that good listener
so you’ll never hesitate
to share your deepest thoughts

those thoughts are all you have
to make sense of your predicament
that journey that’s your own

I mean to be there
when you’d like an usher
for company on your journey
so you never feel stranded

I mean to help 
and not deter
just want to 
be there for you
hold your hand
when you want comfort
and let you
stand alone
when you need
your space

we’re going thru this
but I get
that at times
the best I can do
is take a few steps back

posted on February 17, 2020

Copyright © Line Gauthier