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I Hate Wind

I hate wind,
It just gets
In the way
It’s an inconvenience
And it gets
On my nerves
It takes away
Perfectly made things
And ruins them
In some sort
Of way, and
It misplaces things
That people might
Need to keep
It messes up
My whole day
When there is
A strong gust
Because my OCD
Tries to fix
What it has
Undone, not allowing
Me to be
At peace because
The wind continues
To move around
Everything and put
Them out of
Place and I
Really can’t deal
With that kind
Of relentless torture

I hate wind
Because it triggers
My OCD and
Sends me into
A state that
Has to fix
Everything in sight
I don’t want
To live through
That thing anymore
So yeah, I
Hate the wind
Don’t try to
Contradict me unless
You can tell
Me how to
Tell my brain
To shut up,
Otherwise back away,
Never come back
Any other day

Written on December 18, 2020

Copyright © Dylan Ravenclaw