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deep sentiments expressed through the pen,
hard to say why it flows and when,
it is a signature of thoughts that are formed within,
said with tears or smiles without guilt or feelings of sin!
the turbulent stream that carries the life rafts about,
has twists and turns in a dark maze of its own,
journeys are long and exhausting to say the least,
after hours of rowing could be back at the starting crease! 
say it freely and say it without hindrance of fear,
like a songbird that sings for its own pleasure,
no audience to applaud or jealous critics to disown,
once written the poetry sails on its own sojourn!
is it about some pain and songs of unfair defeats?
a lost friend or dear one who has left a memory to mourn,
may be a pet that doesn’t answer evening whistle,
or a child that never returned from school!
when loneliness greets life with coffee as only companion,
a half done crossword blocked by repetitive boredom,
when next moment is as predictable as the one that is gone,
when the evening ends and know the next day to be born,
a verse expressed through the heart may bring cheer,
remember to sign it with your heart or smudge it with tears.

10th place
Completely your choice(44)
Brian Strand sponsor
Written 15/01/2021

Copyright © Krish Radhakrishna