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Legend Of The Thornbird

He lives for but one purpose, and for that purpose he also dies.                                                                             He is born and immediately begins pursuit in serach of a thorn tree.                                                                               And when he fines that tree, he throws himself on the largest thorn.                                                                                    As the thorn pierces his body, he begins to sing the most beautiful                                                                                song in all the world. He has the ears of both heaven and of earth,                                                                      and he will sing until his last breast departs his body. A cruel self-inflicted                                                                  death we would agree, but it is his destiny, the price of a song.  It is the                                                                   pearl of great price, the treasure hidden in a field for which all things                                                           are sacrificed, the exchange for a life. It is the legend of the thornbird.
In the legend of the thornbird, instinct is the driver of the innocent bird.                                                                   The legene became a best-selling novel in Autralia, and the novel became                                                              the second highest rated television series in America.

And so it is that the legend of a thornbird becomes the reality of our lives.                                                         Instinct does not drive us humans, but we are diven to points irrational.                                                                 We ignore the pain and the shame; we acknowledge the loss and realize                                                            there is nothing to gain, but we take the plunge just the same. We know                                                              both the truth and the consequence, but we do it anyway, do it anyway.

02212020PoSpCtest, Your Favorite Legend, Chantelle Anne Cooke

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