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Retrieving Reprieve

He was caught in a mine of a mind in reprisals admonitions and self-reproach 

Had been looking for diamonds and gold but then the escape shaft caved in

Gotten shafted and the stake stuck like an iron rod from rock bottom to head

The metal changed colour in Jonathan’s lazy synapses as they flooded his brain

It had become a matter of intrinsic extrication no more death dance with poles

Now he was chasing a break out route but the canary had snuffed its last breath

The tunnels began to fill with water and he had to reason and ration his thoughts

Only one way to go he resolved but actually there had been two at the least

Three hundred meters or so in one direction eight thousand miles for the detour

‘Better to rest for a while then to start digging one scrape and crack at the time’

He had a bit of explosive left but the roof could cave in and bury him alive

‘If live gives you a barrow the wheels are still turning and I got a shovel’

The rescue team was far away and he needed to take self-control or expire

Water kept seeping up to his ankles so far so good thus he would not be thirsty

‘Disaster brought me to my knees before maybe the lessons have to taught me’

Jonathan was not an ancient legend and he could do without metaphoric riddles

Timing was essential but experience comes before essence ‘it’s time to get up’

Nothing to lose as he had very few possession ‘I think and therefore I am’

‘Searching for earthly possession got me here in the first place’ and in any case

He could not eat precious metals they would not make a dent in his pitiful pit

Even if he would only ever only scratch the surface he would go out with a bang

19th March 2019 

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann