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Who Is Special

April the cruellest month of summer in India
 She was standing under margosa tree
 In Waiting  she missed the first bus then
 Second missed after that third was missed 
 Sweating she was staring the black road. 
 The road is black in sunny days 
 Like selfish  man under brown coat
 Perhaps he was hidden on bike to get rid of her
 The office there both worked was not different 
 But they behaved there was very different 
 No hi, no hello, no more talk, no more smile
 But all the time they looked very pleasant 
 When office closed she took back seat of the bike
 Without talk, without smile 
 Like silent MOM on Mars mission  
 they completed the journey 
 I didn't  understand both
 Can anybody answer the puzzle 
 Who is special the bike or man. 

Copyright © Arjun Jangid