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Unwritten absence, 
Does silence speak? 
Does silence fix problems? 
A person who wants to conceive a good thaught 
He " she" can find a quiet place for meditation.
When it comes to ill-treated people ...
speaking out method...helps. 
Why am I speaking this?
Why am I speaking that? 
Why can I keep silent?
What can be the reason of owning a poetic pen
If I don't share pains of some folks through poetry? 
Is there any rule which can condemn a servant God
 when he " she" stands to speak for some folks? 
Oh! love , loving just  
and unjust  people 
It is happy 
so happy to share 
 this short story 
with many folks. 

Unwritten absence of love and kindness, 
A teen black girl participated at the schools
 tournament of Ireland.
Their team reached final, 
she was among the best players 
who made the  team to reach so far. 
by surprise, only one black player could not get a medal. 
Unwritten absence of happiness as she looked 
at the cameraman when he was  shooting
 her colleagues with medals on their necks 
on the podium
in the stadium,  
Many people were laughing at her. 
Imagine the trauma of this innocent black teenager
who played hard and 
ended up being played
due to her skin colour. 
Some adults continue to promote  racial 
discrimination on the face of the World. 
Imagine the lesson the tournament organisers taught thousands of white teenagers who were present. 
Didn't she have right for medal trophy 
as they were winners? 
Her parents sued the school for such injustice 
The school principal and teachers ended up presenting  many excuses.

Unwritten absence of respecting human rights, 
as she was not the first black teen to be  ill-treated and continue  living with trauma.  maltreatment always 
wreak havoc on the lives of numerous folks. 

Copyright © Alfonso II Warally Ngengethe Mussabwa Chris