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Death Nature Oh, how I love nature’s death; As the season takes it rest; Taking of its last thread of breath Alas, climate changes jest; It’s in death nature floral greenery fades away; In death nature grounds struck at heart bay; Death nature’s fallen silence leafs blown away; In death nature tiny animals run as prey; And what of those distances; While also within the instances; Things are changing, Rearranging; Grasses no longer growing its own kind; Hair whispers also in the wind; Colorful with fades of browns yellow’s orange chard; It’s in death nature beautiful the bed death spread yards; Orchid planted paling segments; Dried out folding sunflowers knell bent; Glazed now by such frosty dew; Dying months approach us what's left; Death so now suddenly as blue; Dark in the ways of nature’s death; It’s in death nature birds, seek sanctuary down the southern ties; In death nature fathomless, are the insect creatures; In death nature breathless is the winds that move; In death nature Death called winter death season features,; When everything green turns black and blue; Dark is the ways of nature’s death this is the reason; Green, no longer drained of color resides; In this death nature Death calls winter death season;

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr.