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Let me tell you a story awesome little little kids 
who were born innocent, so pure were their deeds 
this is not about the tree but about their seeds 
you can mould them into whatever you want 
but when your born in orthodox society you are done 
you are doomed to be a mediocre 
and if you dare to do something different, you are weird-absurd 
And trigged they are nerve 
and now each and every one of them will try to defeat you 
but when they realise that they are too weak in front of your dreams 
they will try to dismiss you 
try to call you crazy 
try to call you lazy 
try to call you renegade 
not the one like Jay z 
mom will try to stop you in the name of Christ 
follow your heart and call your own demise 
your just got few years and time's got wings, it flies 
you better do your studies
better life's got a price 
marry someone of your religion 
or else it will be a treason 
or at least a reason 
for neighbours and relatives to talk 
for me and your dad our home we'll be a prison with no lock 
but you know what you don't understand mom
carefully listen to this song 
it won't be my actions who will bring you disgrace 
it will be your old ways 
in which you believe so strong 
your mind have got it twisted and you got everything wrong 
I can't really hurt you , it is your own song 
your own believes 
your own expectations 
your own rules 
that are been implied on me 
that are being a burden you see?
all this I have been hiding 
all these years, I am suffocating 
Here I am 
writing the song when everyone else is dating 
I am just surprised you never got it 
in your mind it never occurred 
that I am a 2019's dreamer 
and you are trying to mold me in a 70s MEDIOCRE

Copyright © Ishwar Zore