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Walking Through Life

So often we are just walking through the motions,
Like our daily grind without emotion

Or thought actually,
What a pity

You should start a day with good intent,
To be aware and cognizant 

Of the beauty of life, so be it a struggle,
To prove to the world your metal 

To stand up for what you believe,
And to acknowledge what you need

That goal in mind,
Each day you refine

What can you do,
To bring its success to you 

You can’t be complacent,
And expect achievements

You gotta be aware,
Maybe even say a prayer 

To do more than shuffle out of bed,
With only thoughts of coffee in your head

You have to have the desire,
To motivate you as required 

Believing is half the battle,
Your effort the balance to earn your chattel 

Of those dreams you hold inside,
Their success your pride 

And happiness too,
So what will you do 

Copyright © christopher rowland