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The school life

Tears in the eyes
When my school began
Willing to go to home back
That time, the only place of heaven
A small child doesn't know much
What are books and what is school?
Just like that, I was unable to realize
That its very beautiful...

With span of time it brought
Some different changes in me
That school and home with no difference
seeming to be
An innocent child with bag on his back
Transformed into teenage
Now, school is home and home is bore
wishing, even sundays to be working days...

First time bunking the class 
was severe challenge for me
But slightly with growing time
It became my cup of tea
Many scoldings and praises, I got
from almost every teachers
And i enjoy the school time
Enjoyment for me mainly matters...

But, slowly stress has increased
Only studies, studies and studies
My childhood was here and teenage is going
School is one which has taught me everything
I came with tears and will go with the same
But will leave the remark of my name
Its the thought of almost every student
That school life is the mixture of all enjoyment...

Copyright © Trittya Yelane