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One wink shy from 2 thinks too many

I lie in this bed and just thank,
as my mind strays and plays tricks and pulls pranks. Deeper into the quagmire I sank.    
My thoughts as free as a fish is in a
Frankly to be quiet frank, frankly I think Franky spoke frank, quite frank to the fact that Richard didn't know dick about the bic with the wick and the trick with the brick and Donald duck with his flying kangaroos.  
 Slick Willie told bold Billy that broke William was so silly and empty Phil can't feel it really but he can really fill it full.      
Now Miss Millie told slick Willie to tell broke William to tell bold Billy that empty Phil should foot the bill really and not steal that was the deal.      
But bold Billy told slick Willie to tell broke William to tell Miss Millie that empty Phil just ate a pill really and still will not foot the bill,      
but after William, Billy and Willie drink their fill and feel silly, they will foot the bill for really, and charge it to empty Phil.

Copyright © Crystal Floyd