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It Was Never Her Wish

The word attributed to every 21st-century woman 
Who has the gait and strength
                Enough willingness. 
To foot her bills and be her security
A strong desire to be a gentleman, and his ladyship
		All in one linen.
The single name, which is so simple yet everything
To the young girl trying to extricate herself from the social cycles
		Through a unison decision,
Made and sang across all nations
By the tired, dethroned, slammed, and trampled voices
		To be a man or die trying.
It is not that she wanted this from the start
Her aim was not to make you lack meaning in her life
                 It was to free herself.
Your oppressive rule made her want to taste the power
And your lax demeanor today, makes her enjoy it
		Not her fault.
Now you use the word to taunt her
Blame her because hers, has been the role of taking the blame
		But you turned her.
It is not that she no longer wants, 
To respect you, help and watch you hold high your ego
		It is the era.
And your long-standing character
That consistently wishes to keep her grounded, forever oppressed
		She remains wary of.
Changing whom she has now become
Requires a lot of effort and time from you, not to win her over
		To make her trust.
Not in your ability to provide, give her all her materialistic desires
But in the assurance that she is safe from torture, oppression, and abuse
		That is all.

Copyright © Muthoni Kabogo